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Kricklewood Farm

Sunflower Oil Spout

Sunflower Oil Spout

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These Stainless Steel pour spouts make it easy to grab a bottle of Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil and add it to any dish when cooking.   It also makes it easy to put the bottles on the table for guests to choose which flavour they would like to drizzle over their dish of pasta or pizza.   

Stainless steel pour spout and food grade plastic stopper.   Total length: 4 "/10cm, steel outlet length: 1.8" /4.5cm, outlet diameter: 0.2 "/0.5cm, bottle stopper diameter: 0.6-0.9" /1.6-2.4cm.   It fits all of Kricklewood Farm 250 ml and 500 ml Sunflower Oil bottles. 

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Everything we do is made with Sunflower Oil for a taste of sunshine! Learn More: Why Sunflower Oil