Why Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil?

Cold-pressed sunflower oil is often hailed as a healthier and more flavorful option compared to sunflower oil extracted through regular pressing. This is primarily due to the gentle nature of the cold-pressing process, which preserves the natural goodness of sunflower seeds.

The result is a pure and natural unrefined oil with a sunny sunflower seed taste. It has a light nutty and buttery flavour which is delicious used raw or in low heat cooking. Drizzle over steamed vegetables, toss
with pasta or use in a salad dressing. Enjoy great flavour when sautéeing, roasting and baking.

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  • Best local garlic oil!

    "Excellent drizzle on eggs, salads, potatoes, pasta, seared/grilled meats and seafood, and anything else where a hit of garlic flavour is desired. Thank you Kricklewood." - Les P.

    Garlic Sunflower Oil 
  • Super Yummy!

    "We love this Aioli. It's incredibly tasty. I really enjoy using it on my veggie burgers. " - Sarah G.

    Garlic Aioli 
  • Love, Love, Love!

    "Love, love, love this Chili Oil - My husband pours it on everything." - Debra A.

    Chili Sunflower Oil 
  • Love our oils!

    "We love the lemon and garlic oils and use them on everything from pasta to salads ❤️ " - Andrea M

    Lemon Sunflower Oil 
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Find a Store

Visit our Find a Store page to find a location near you selling Kricklewood Farm Cold ressed
Sunflower Oil, Infused Oils and Aiolis   Available at many family run businesses in Eastern Ontario including Mrs. McGarrigles Find Food Shop,
B&H Your Community Grocer, Foodsmiths the Good Store, Dandelion Foods, The Granary Bulk and Natural Foods, Produce Depot, Tara Natural
Foods, Glenburnie Grocery and The Garden Market.

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