The Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Not all Sunflower Oils are alike.  Cold pressing of a non GMO variety of seed is our way of producing an unrefined oil with a light buttery flavour that tastes like fresh sunflower seeds! 
Keep it in your pantry - it's a perfect Sunflower Oil for cooking!

The light taste allows other flavours in our Infused Oils, Bread Dippers, and Aiolis to stand out.  We use the freshest ingredients possible to deliver a 'Taste of Sunshine' in everything we do!

It All Started with a Seed

Our first sunflower crop was planted in 2012 after our  move to the country in Eastern Ontario in 2009.   We were inspired to offer a made in Ontario healthy Sunflower Oil when we  couldn’t find any in stores or at farmers markets.   Since then we have been producing a delicious assortment of Sunflower Oil kitchen must haves:  Aiolis, Bread Dippers, Flavoured Oils and a pure classic healthy Sunflower Oil.  They taste like sunshine in a bottle!

The Latest News

Virtual Farmers Markets are Booming!

There is a shift to bring local food to buyers in a whole new way – On Line!   We have our own shop (powered by Ottawa based Shopify) and ship across Canada via Canada Post. There are many other avenues to pursue and we’re lucky to be involved with a few in the Ottawa – Kingston area.  Here are a few of the ways to support local farmers from the comfort of your living room in your pajamas!   


These days it's nice to think of sunnier days and Sunflowers!  I can't think of anything better!  Enjoy a few of our photos along with some inspiring quotes.  

Spring Market Events Cancelled or Postponed

Many events that we have committed to attending in the next little while have been cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).    Organiz...

New Product Alert: Aioli!

Fresh Garlic, Sunflower Oil, Lemon Juice... yum!

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Find Kricklewood Farm in Store

You can find Kricklewood Farm Bread Dippers, Flavoured Oils, Aiolis and classic cold pressed Sunflower Oil in many stores in Ontario.  Visit the Store Finder to find one near you.