Sunflower Art by Joanne Gervais for Ukraine

We were very happy to have World Renowned Visual Artist Joanne Gervais at our Sunflower Festival in 2017 to do on-site artwork of the Sunflowers.  She created paintings and prints of them and has recently taken her love of helping others to a whole new level by offering her beautiful work to raise funds for the war in Ukraine.  They are available as prints, cards, on tote bags and coffee mugs, all benefiting the war in Ukraine. To order them, contact Joanne directly: call 613-542-8451 or email  Visit her website at

On the farm we had some old milk cans which we had used to take some photographs of the Sunflowers. I'm no artist but I thought they looked stunning as a giant bouquet in the milk cans.  When we knew she was coming we offered them to Joanne use if she wished.  I guess she liked the idea as she used them in her art works.  

Kricklewood Farm Sunflowers in a Milk Can

Before her final paintings were unveiled we had the opportunity to watch and enjoy her working on the farm. We were honoured to have a world renowned artist with us.  

 Joanne Gervais Visual Artist at Kricklewood Farm

It was quite fascinating to watch her work - I am always amazed how artists can take something beautiful (in this case the Sunflowers) and make it even more beautiful with their own visual perspective.  

We were also lucky to have a very talented photographer Rob Mooy capture much of the day on film. .   

Robert Mooy Photographer

Recently Joanne has recognized the need to support the war in Ukraine and has created art prints, tote bags and coffee mugs all featuring her work.  Much of the proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross and Save the Children to help in their important work. 

Below we have the Sunflower Print, available in sizes ranging from 8x10 to 16x20, the Sunflower Mug and Sunflower Tote Bag.   There are other images available as greeting cards as well.   

 Joanne Gervais Sunflower Print for Ukraine Joanne Gervais Sunflower Mug for Ukraine Joanne Gervais Sunflower Tote for Ukraine
Art Prints Coffee Mugs Tote Bags


To order them, contact Joanne directly: call 613-542-8451 or email  Visit her website at  All sales of these products will benefit the war in Ukraine through the Red Cross and Save the Children.

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