New Bread Dipping Sets Created by a local Potter

Kricklewood Farm Bread Dipping Set Created by Pine Ridge Studio

We are pleased to be collaborating with the very talented local potter and painter, Lis Allison to offer a hand-made Bread Dipping Set to serve Kricklewood Farm Bread Dippers. Lis creates her work at Pine Ridge Studio located in a beautiful pine forest on the Carp Ridge north of Carp, Ontario. We met Lis at the Carp Farmers Market and always admired her work, especially anything with Sunflowers!

We recently asked her to create a special Bread Dipping set for us and this is the result. We are offering a 5 piece set which includes one large plate to serve baguette slices and 4 small plates. The large plate is approximately 27 cm (10.75") and the small plates are approximately 13 cm (5.25"). We are also offering individual pieces of both sizes. 

Pine Ridge Studio Carp Ontario

Pine Ridge Studio pottery is made out of stoneware. This means it is strong, durable, and ready for years of use. It is completely hand-made. The pieces Lis has created for Kricklewood Farm are fashioned by shaping clay slabs shaped by hand over plaster molds, firing and hand painting using a combination of sponging and free hand brush work. Because each piece of Pine Ridge Pottery is made by hand, each piece is unique. The Sunflowers are hand painted and will also vary slightly. Pine Ridge pottery is made to be used in the microwave, the dishwasher, and the oven. It is completely food-safe.




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