2016 Sunflower Festival Thank You!

We have to give a big thank you to everyone who helped with this year’s Sunflower Festival.  It was a huge success and we raised over $6000 for Mel’s Farm All Animal Rescue!


Here are some photos from the 2016 Sunflower Festival

2 thoughts on “2016 Sunflower Festival Thank You!

  1. joanne Keays

    A very big Thank you, right back at ya! It was a wonderful experience to participate this year. It was my second visit to your wonderful sunflower farm. To see the most relaxed farm yard animals I have ever seen. I will be sure to watch for your fundraising event next year too!

  2. Dale Horeczy Post author

    Glad you enjoyed it! We are looking forward to doing it all over again August 6th 2017!

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