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Dale Horeczy and Brad Daily

Brad Daily and Dale Horeczy both grew up on the prairies and saw vast fields of sunflowers in the countryside of southern Manitoba.  After time spent in Montréal and Atlanta they returned to their Canadian roots and settled in eastern Ontario to be nearer to family but not too close to the cold of ‘Winterpeg’.

They planned a move to the country after having some experience and success with backyard chickens, honey bees and goats in Atlanta and in 2009 found a classic Ontario stone house in the village of Frankville on 90 acres with a timber frame barn from the 1850’s.

A life in the country was a lifestyle change prompted by wanting to get closer to where the food is grown.  They wanted to support local farmers and contribute to the local food scene by making a product not already available.

They had 90 acres in total with 60 acres being cultivatable.  They found out that the 60 acres could grow sunflowers which could then be cold pressed in small batches.  They found their niche since no locally grown and pressed edible oil was available at the markets.  After a year of research they decided to grow a high oleic sunflower seed which will result in a heart healthy sunflower oil which tastes wonderful.  They researched the types of oil presses in the market and decided on a small screw press which would facilitate the small batch processing they wanted.

In 2012 the first Kricklewood Farm crop was planted and in 2013 the first Kricklewood Farm cold pressed Sunflower Oil was pressed and introduced to the market.

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