Welcome to Kricklewood Farm.   We are an Eastern Ontario  grower and presser of a delicious cold pressed sunflower oil starting with a non-GMO sunflower seed and farming with all natural methods.   No herbicides or pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used.

Why Sunflower Oil?  Because we can!  This a wonderful product which can be grown and processed in Eastern Ontario.   It is a great addition to the pantry for those who enjoy its nutty,  buttery flavour added to any dish and strive to support local food producers.

We hope you enjoy our website.  We have recipes for how to best enjoy the sunflower oil, a listing of where to buy it, a schedule of our markets and events along with information about some of the other things we have at Kricklewood Farm like our Nubians Goats, Heritage Poultry and pet pot-bellied pigs.   We also produce an all natural goat milk soap and unpasteurized raw honey and farm gate eggs.

Each summer we host our annual Sunflower Festival and this year it will be held August 7th.  We invite everyone to come out and enjoy the peak of the bloom of 15 acres of sunflowers.  In addition to enjoying the fields, we have a farmers market, visits to our barnyard, a music stage, a tasting alley, a silent auction table and a fundraising BBQ all to raise money for Mel’s Farm All Animal Rescue our local animal rescue.