Christmas Holiday Market Season!

Kricklewood Farm at the Aberdeen Pavilion

Kricklewood Farm at the Aberdeen Pavilion

The Christmas Holiday Market kicked off this past Sunday with our first market at the Aberdeen Pavilion in Lansdowne Park as guests of the Ottawa Farmer’s Market.   This coming Friday and Saturday December 5th and 6th we will be at the Carp Christmas Market and the following weekend December 13th and 14th we will be back at Lansdowne.  All the details on our Events and Markets Calendar  page.

Savour Ottawa Online Goes Live!

Kricklewood Farm, along with other Savour Ottawa producers are working together with Just Food and the City of Ottawa on an exciting new project. Savour Ottawa Online is a new marketplace to shop for locally produced food.

Kricklewood Farm Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil For local foodies, it couldn’t be simpler:  Become a member to shop for foods from across the region, all under one online roof.  Pay online and pick up at the Parkdale Field House in Ottawa.  It’s that easy!  Click here or on the logo below to visit Savour Ottawa Online and sign up today.

Savour Ottawa


Local Food Day in Almonte

Thank you to Meg and the rest of the gang at Dandelion Foods In Almonte for inviting us to participate in the Support Local: Almonte Day  Saturday October 25th.   It was a very busy day with lots happening including a shuttle bus from Ottawa to Almonte, pop-up shopping at Old Almonte Town Hall as well as events being hosted by local businesses like Dandelion Foods.   We always enjoy meeting people and letting them have a taste of our Kricklewood Farm Sunflower oil, a taste of sunshine!  102514_dandelion01102514_dandelion03102514_dandelion02

Time to Plant the Garlic!

Kricklewood Farm GarlicIt’s time to plant the garlic and this is the first year I was doing it in shorts and a t-shirt! It was about 22 C today, normally I’m planting when it’s closer to 5 or 10 C. We ended up with 4 20 foot rows so should have about 250 bulbs next summer, same as this past year. Emma and Jeff (the barn cat) weren’t much help and Emma’s tail almost got planted with the garlic. One of the chickens was very interested in what was going on in the garden, the goats watched from a distance and the baby ducks were very happy with the old zucchini I tossed to them in the barnyard. All in all, a very good day! More photos…

Ducklings First Outing!

The ducklings are almost a week old now so let Mama and them out today to enjoy the mild Fall weather and splash around in the water.  We had to ‘babyproof’ the barnyard too,  replacing the regular water dishes with these more shallow plant saucers.

Another interesting thing is that ducklings tend to spread out further from their Mama compared to chicks.  I think it’s because the Mama Hen scratches a lot for the chicks to find them food so the chicks stay right next to her.  The ducks tend to forage more, nibbling on things here and there.   Plus, they love to catch little bugs on the fly so if they spot one that looks tasty, off they go.   I often had to use a wide angle just to get them all in the shot!    There are 13….. good luck Mama!

Kricklewood Farm Ducklings Kricklewood Farm Ducklings Kricklewood Farm Ducklings Kricklewood Farm Ducklings

The Beginning of the End

It’s a sad site to see the heads of the Sunflowers start to bow down. It means the seeds are drying and will soon be ready to harvest but at the same time means the blooms are fading.  The site strikes me as forlorn,  like a group of people, bowing down in grief.

090514_sunflowers01 090514_sunflowers02 090514_sunflowers03 090514_sunflowers04

A Brand New Bin!

Kricklewood Farm Grain BinWe’ve taken the next step in our goal of having our sunflower oil processed on the farm with the investment in our own silo to store the seed for pressing.   Up until now we’ve been lucky to have one of our neighbours let us use one of the empty silos short term but it’s amazing how time flies!   Our vision is to have a building which would hold the press and offer a view to visitors so people can see how it’s all done.   We’ll also have a store front in case any one wants to pick up a bottle of sunflower oil on the way out (along with honey, goat milk soap and anything else we have to offer).   More photos…