NOAL Pantry Asiago and Ale Sourdough Bread

Kricklewood Farm NOAL Pantry Sourdough Bread

Here is a recipe for Asiago and Ale Sourdough Bread using Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil.  It comes from NOAL Pantry, a Smiths Falls restaurant owned by Laurie Anne Brennan and focusing on (as the name says) Natural Organic Artisan and Local foods.

NOAL Pantry Asiago and Ale Sourdough Bread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Bread
Serves: 2 loaves
  • ¼ c Kricklewood Farm Sunflower oil + 2-3 tbsp
  • ¼ c maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp yeast
  • 2 c bread starter
  • 3 c room temp 4 Degrees South of 7 Ale
  • 10-12 c bread flour + additional for surface
  • 2 c shredded asiago cheese
  1. in a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water
  2. add maple syrup and allow to stand for 3-4 minutes
  3. add ¼ c Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil, asiago & bread starter
  4. stir in 3 c flour
  5. gradually add in remaining flour
  6. turn out onto floured surface, form a ball and knead for 5 minutes
  7. place in a lightly oiled bowl (this is where you use the 2-3 tbsp)
  8. cover with clean lint free towel
  9. place in warm area of your kitchen
  10. let stand for 1 hour or until doubled in size
  11. punch down and divide into two equal balls
  12. form into loaves and place in lightly oiled loaf pans
  13. let rise for 30 minutes
  14. bake in 375° oven for 25 minutes or until internal temperature of 190°- 200°
  15. turn bread out onto a cooling rack