BBQ'd Puffball Mushroom

This is not so much a recipe as a quick side dish using Kricklewood Farm Chili Sunflower Oil.  If you have Puff Ball Mushrooms in your yard this time of year, be sure to pick some while they are still a bright white and good to eat.  Once they start turning brown it's too late but if you see one, there are probably more coming so keep on the lookout. 

Pick the mushroom, cut off the stem, wash and cut into 1" or 2"  slices.  Brush on Kricklewood Farm Chili Sunflower Oil and cook on the top shelf of the BBQ while doing meat and potatoes. No more than half an hour and I'm told you can't overcook them so don't worry too much.  They look delish, thanks for sharing Lori Moreland!

PuffBall Mushroom ready for the BBQ

Freshly picked Puffball Mushroom ready for the BBQ.



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