Freebruary is Coming!

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Next month, February is also 'Freebruary' - what is Freebruary you may ask?

After the holidays and 2020, this time of year is usually more about belt tightening and cutting back.  In 2021 everyone needs a break, save a buck (or more!) and have a chance to try new things from Canadian companies all at

Freebruary  is run by volunteers with the support of private and public entities and is online all month at  It's full of amazing deals being offered by businesses across the country. 

We all want to know where our food comes from, where our goods are made, and that our service providers are locals.   This is your opportunity to discover more local companies from your own backyard and have a little fun this time of year. 

The platform is very simple, made to be easy to search and discover – each company will have its own blog post telling a bit about their company and what they are offering, whether a BOGO special, Buy X and get Y or get a discount at checkout. 

It starts in a couple of weeks and you can sign up for email updates at

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