Kricklewood Farm Goat KidsGoat Milk Soap Making workshops are offered once we begin kidding and milking in Spring.   They are usually held Sunday afternoons and run from 1:00 pm until 4:00.   Each workshop begins with a trip to the barn for a lesson in goat milking and to meet all the other animals.  (Rubber boots or old shoes are recommended.)   Anyone who would like to try milking is invited to step up and give it a try.  The goats love attention as do the pot-bellied pigs Pitou and Petunia.  This is a good time to visit with the baby goats and the barnyard is full of ducks and chickens.  Sometimes we’ll get to see a Mama hen with her group of chicks.

Once milking is done, the goat milk soap making begins. Using the cold process method of soap making, participants will learn  how using goat milk, a variety of fats, lye, herbs and essential oils will create an all-natural, high quality bar of soap.  This is a hands on workshop with small groups making a batch as a team effort.   This workshop is not appropriate for kids under 16 due to the caustic nature of the lye being handled.

We have no workshops scheduled at the moment, check back or sign up for our newsletter for regular updates from Kricklewood Farm.



2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Laura Steacy

    Was at the Soap making workshop, its awesome. Really enjoyed it all from start to finish, interaction with the animals is great,,,I loved it. Cant wait till the fudge making workshop,,yummy,,.

    Thanks for having me, looking forward to doing more workshops.

  2. Kelly Windle

    Thank you Dale for having Stefan and I to your home. It was a great day of soap making. We enjoyed interacting with the animals and learning about your farm. Your work shop was very rewarding. I am hoping to apply my new skills in my own soap making soon.
    Best of luck, Kelly

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