Windows for the Barn

Kricklewood Farm Windows for the Barn
Finally windows for the Barn!

This year’s project for the barn was windows.  Finally some air and light in the barn!  We’ve been researching different options, factoring in cost, safety for the animals (avoiding hoof and glass contact) and esthetics.    Also factored in were constraints like posts at arbitrary locations and horizontal beams at various heights.    Initially we thought of manufactured windows but through the process we decided to go with custom wooden framed ‘windows’ with 1″x1″ wire on the inside and removable lexan unbreakable glass panels for the outside.    Our contractor John has done most of the work on the barn and he was great with the windows too.   They were all put in within the space of a week.  Only one boo-boo – part of a post in a window in the chicken room, somehow we measured wrong but hopefully the chickens won’t complain!  It has been great to do chores and enjoy the sunshine and summer breeze. More photos…

For comparison, here is the barn in 2011, before we started renovations.

Kricklewood Farm Barn Before Photo
The barn August 2011