Time to Order the Chicks!

It’s hard to think about baby chicks with our frigid temperatures right now, but  it’s the time of year to plan the order for the Spring.  Last year we got about 40 day olds from Performance Poultry and are planning about the same this year.  Ameraucanas (green egg layers),  Silver and Golden Laced Wyandottes, Mottled Houdans, Lakenvelder are all on my list!

Kricklewood Farm Baby Chicks from 2014
Baby Chicks from 2014 being watched over by Emma

Performance Poultry is located in eastern Ontario and the only hatchery in the area that specializes in heritage breeds so ordering early for Spring is always advised.   We have a link to the Performance Poultry 2015 price list for anyone interested.   If anyone  in the area wants a few birds for May 1st but can’t make it out there, we can add to our order and have them picked up at our farm, just let me know as soon as possible.  It’s a nice day trip to Prince Edward County for Emma and I and we don’t mind bringing back a few extras!

Baby chicks from 2014 settling in being watched over by Emma
Baby chicks from 2014 settling in and still being watched over by Emma

2 thoughts on “Time to Order the Chicks!

  1. jamie asselin

    i was looking at the poultry performance website and it is posted they are not taking any more orders. I am new to this but have a few breeds in mind. Rhodevisland red, barnevelder and plymout rocks. Any information on where i can get some would be very helpful. Thanks

  2. Dale Horeczy Post author

    Hello, You should be able to get Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds through Freys Hatchery. http://www.freyshatchery.com. We have ordered from them before and have been happy with their chicks too. They have basic varieties so wouldn’t have the Barnevelder. They usually arrange pickup at local feed stores. There is also the option of ordering through TSC – they offer day olds through one of the hatcheries too. Not sure if its Freys or another but another option for you. Lastly, you can also find groups on Facebook with backyard poultry hobbyists buying and selling. This may be an option for the Barnevelders. This group is based around Ottawa: https://www.facebook.com/groups/636822593063413/ Hope this all helps! Dale Horeczy

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