Time for Cigars – our Hen is a Mama!

Kricklewood Farm Mama Hen and one of the Chicks

It’s been a tense few days around here… the hen is now officially a Mama! We’ve been nervously watching her and when the first one was hatched we brought her inside and made her a separate space using a large box from the appliance store.  The issue is that the coop is not ‘chick-proof’,  it’s scaled for chickens so little things like the size of the feeder and waterer become a problem for tiny chicks.   This way she’ll have a warm and safe place for a few days while they hatch out.  There are about ten eggs under her, whether or not they are all fertilized we won’t know until she’s finished.

Kricklewood Farm Mama guarding her chicks

Getting photos of the new chicks has been a challenge, most of the time I get close enough to them, this is what I see: a protective mother worried that I’ll harm her chicks and wondering when I’m going to leave.

I was worried at one point as when I approached she seemed to be pecking them in the head. I thought, that can’t be good! It turns out she was trying to tell them to get under her for protection.

Kricklewood Farm Baby chick one day old

I did manage to get a few shots of the chicks but mostly hidden from view.

Kricklewood Farm Baby chicks one day old

It’s amazing how the hen gingerly rests on top of the eggs and the chicks.

Kricklewood Farm Baby Chick one day old

After these photos were taken, a third chick was discovered
so hopefully we will get a few better shots in the next few days.