Think Spring!

Kricklewood Farm Summer Vegetables

If you are anywhere in the east today, don’t look out the window any more than you have to!  Think happy thoughts of Spring and the bounty that is to sure to come from the garden!  (Fingers crossed).  Better still, if you haven’t already ordered them, today is a good day to pull out the seed catalogs and start working on seed orders!

An excellent seed sources is William Dam Seeds as they have a great selection and all untreated.   The Cottage Gardener has a great selection of hard to find heirloom seed and if you want the best choice for tomatoes, look no further than Terra Edibles.    And if seeds are just too darn slow,  you can find a lot of herbs, vegetables ad flowers in plug packs at Richters.

After that’s done, next item is ordering the day old chicks and ducks and turkeys from Performance Poultry. This is a small hatchery in eastern Ontario that specializes in heritage and unusual breeds that are hard to find anywhere else.  If you live in the area, you can pick them up at their farm in Prince Edward County.  They do air shipping outside of Ontario too.  Even if you aren’t ready for chickens this year, the photos are fun to look at have fun just trying  to pronounce some of the names, like Silver Spangled Spitzhauben, Egyptian Fayoumi, Narragansett, and Gray Saddleback Pomeranian.