The February Blahs….

This photo was taken this morning:

The Garden in February

This photo was taken  last July:

The Garden in July

From more or less the same perspective.  What
a difference a few months make! Luckily we have
seed catalogs and seed-starting projects to
keep us going.    We’re ordering from William Dam
an Ontario company well known for good untreated
seed.   We also ordered from The Cottage Gardener,
who specialize in organic seeds of heirloom vegetables
and flowers.    We also ordered potatoes from a company
in Alberta,  Eagle Creek, which is  well-known for a
variety of seed potatoes,  including some heirlooms
you won’t find anywhere  else.

It’s the first year I’ll be starting tomatoes,
peppers, eggplants, onions and a few other
things inside.  On the advice of some more
seasoned market gardeners, we made a small
investment in flats, lights and shelving to get
started.  It  all came from CDN Tire, no need to
spend hundreds on fancy grow lights.   Shelving,
light fixtures, bulbs and chain is pretty much all and
we’ll have room for several hundred transplants.

I too was surprised at how little it all cost!
Now we’ll be watching the mailbox
closely so we can get planting! We’ll keep
track of our progress here as we go along.