Miss Daisy
Miss Daisy

We have three pot-bellied pigs: Pitou, Petunia and Daisy.  All were rescues that came to us from different but similar situations.  Pigs in general are very smart and will easily learn their names and respond when calling them.   They are also very clean animals and will do their business in one spot away from where they eat and sleep.

Pitou came first in 2010 after the summer fair in Delta, Ontario.  A friend of ours was in charge of collecting animals for the children’s petting zoo: pigs, calves, and ponies and lambs and so on for the kids to see.  At the end of the weekend the owners normally come to retrieve their respective animals but not so for Pitou.  Apparently the owners were moving and couldn’t take him with him so he ended up here.

Petunia arrived in the Spring of 2013 after she was given to us by her  owner who was moving to another location.  She is very happy here.  Many people have commented that she constantly seems to be wagging her tail.

Daisy arrived in the summer of 2015 after she was surrendered by someone keeping her in apartment.  When she arrived she had a blanket and crate but after a day or two she let us know she preferred hay for her bed!

They are an enjoyable part of life at the farm.   Pitou will often nuzzle my leg when I am milking the goats and will also roll on his side and ask for a belly rub.   We tell visitors that rubbing the belly of  a pot-bellied pig is like rubbing the belly of Buddha, it brings good luck!


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