The Bees They are A Buzzin’!

Kricklewood Farm Bee Hive Frame

We received our bee hive nucs on Sunday and spent the day getting the hives set up.  The nuc (short for nucleus) contains a queen bee, worker bees, drones and brood (unhatched bees) which is everything you need to start up a new hive.  If you look closely, you can see the queen in this frame, marked yellow on her thorax near the bottom middle of the frame.   We are starting out with two hives and have a friend with his two hives in our apiary so we are learning together.   It’s only been a few days  now but so far they seem to be happy and settling in.  We’re looking forward to Sunflower Honey as they are right next to the Sunflower field.  BTW, the suit looks geeky but it keeps the bees out!  More photos.