Taking some Nubians for a Test Drive

Kricklewood Farm Nubian Goats

Having goats for soap and cheese has always been part of the farm ‘dream’ but what if it was possible to borrow a few goats for a short time to see what it’s really like?  Poultry and a pot-bellied pig are one thing but goats that require milking and other care are definitely another.

It so happens our friend and neighbour Judy has some does she is willing to lend (and eventually sell) to a good home and it got me thinking.  She smirked when I said we’d like to try them out for the summer with the option to bring them back if it doesn’t work out but I think she assumes that they are here to stay.

This morning we went over and loaded up two does: Avigail and Emilie with her young buck who is still milking.    They are a little scared at the moment but seem to getting used to their new surroundings.  They will be sleeping with Pitou tonight so that will be the first test, getting them into the pighouse for the night.