Kricklewood Farm Sunflower OilsWe started to develop Kricklewood Sunflower Oil for the Eastern Ontario local market in 2010.   We planted our first 15 acres of sunflowers in 2012 and started to bottle our oil in early 2013.

We grow and press the sunflower seeds ourselves on the farm in Frankville.   It is a labour of love to see the seeds germinate and eventually bloom. It is an awesome site to see 15 acres of sunflowers in full bloom in July and August. We plant enough seeds to share with the birds.

We plant an organic non-GMO high oleic sunflower seed. We chose this variety of seed for the heart healthy benefits of the final oil.

We grow our seeds without herbicides or pesticides and we follow organic growing practices.  We use mechanical weeding methods including ‘tine weeding’ and ‘row crop cultivating’ to encourage growth of the Sunflowers.  We harvest the sunflower fields in late fall after the first frost when the seeds are naturally dried on the stalk. The harvested seeds are stored on the farm and pressed as needed to ensure freshly pressed sunflower oil for you to enjoy.

We use a mechanical screw press to slowly squeeze the seeds for the oil. We monitor the pressing temperature to ensure a premium cold pressed sunflower oil. The slow pressing of the seeds results in a fresh nutty tasting sunflower oil with all of the sunflower seeds natural vitamins and minerals.



8 thoughts on “Sunflower Oil

  1. hugo

    Hi, can you tell me the difference of first cold pressed and plain cold press oil.

  2. Dale Horeczy Post author

    Hi and thanks for your question. The term ‘First Press’ usually applies to olive oil where the olive pulp can go through the press a second time to extract more oil. In this case the first press oil is usually a better quality. For sunflower oil, if it is cold pressed it goes through the press once and so you could say it is all first press. The main thing to look for on a label is that the oil is made using a cold press method which is a traditional mechanical way of extracting oil without the use of heat or chemicals. This results in a lower yield but a much higher quality oil with more flavour.

  3. N

    Morning could you direct me to a pricing page for your sunflower oil?


  4. Dale Horeczy Post author

    Hello, We do have our oil on the store page:

    The 500 ml natural sells for $15, 250 ml natural for $12 and the infusions in various flavours 250 ml $15.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything we can do for you.


  5. Richard Lane

    I like the oils very much – especially the garlic oil. For a bread dip, I mix equal parts of garlic and chili oils and it’s incredible. I can go through a whole loaf that way. The lemon is amazing for pan frying fish. It adds just the right amount of lemon flavour without adding any acidity. And it’s great for marinating fish or chicken because it doesn’t “cook” the meat while marinating like lemon juice tends to do.

    I just wish the garlic was available in the 500 ml bottle. I go through the garlic oil very quickly.

  6. Dale Horeczy Post author

    Thanks Richard, we appreciate your great support! I have done the mixing of garlic and chili too – sometimes you want both flavours together. I will definitely pass on your request for a 500 ml size for the garlic infusion.

    Best regards,

    Dale Horeczy

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