Sunflower Oil Infusions!

Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil Infusions

Introducing our new Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil Infusions!  We are starting with four varieties:  Roasted Chili, Garlic, Basil and Lemon in a 250 ml format.   Inspiration for the home cook looking for a local healthy and flavourful oil ready to add something special to their dishes!

Roasted Chili:  Infused with roasted chili peppers to create a smoky chili flavour with just the right amount of heat for  grilled meats, roasted potatoes or popcorn.

Garlic:  Infused with garlic to create a savoury unique flavour perfect for mashed potatoes,  pasta or wherever a garlic taste is desired.

Basil:  Infused with basil to create a fresh sweet flavour perfect for pasta, pesto or drizzled over mozzarella and fresh tomatoes.

Lemon:   Infused with lemon to create a fresh citrus flavour perfect for baking, vinaigrettes  and sautéeing sea food, fish or chicken.

Available at the spring farmers markets and special events and soon in store.

Sunflower Oil Infusions at Perth Festival of the Maples
Sunflower Oil Infusions at Perth Festival of the Maples