Kricklewood Farm Sunflowers
Kricklewood Farm Sunflowers July 30 2016

Visitors are welcome to see the sunflowers, take photos and have a picnic.  The best time to see them would be early to mid August. They typically start blooming at the end of July, peak early to mid August and by September the blooms are faded as the seed heads mature.

Our annual Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Festival is usually held on the first Sunday in August in hopes of Mother Nature being on our side with timing for the perfect blooms.  It is a great day in the country featuring music, tours of the barnyard and sunflower field, a BBQ lunch, farmers market, silent auction and more.  Plus, it is a fundraiser for our local animal rescue Mel’s Farm All Animal Rescue.

To get the most recent photos of the field, visit our Facebook page  as we will post photos showing their progress throughout the season.     Or give us a call at 613-275-9901.