Each summer we host our annual Sunflower Festival and invite everyone to come out to the farm in  August.   This years festival will be Sunday August 6th from 11 to 4.   In addition to seeing the fields, we have a tasting alley, farmers market, artist market, barnyard tours, silent auction, music, pet portraits, kids activities and a BBQ lunch.  New this year: a Goat Yoga Session in the Barnyard!

The day is a fundraiser for Mel’s Farm All Animal Rescue, our local animal rescue where Emma (the dog) and Daisy (the pot-bellied pig) came from.

Let us know you are planning to attend and be entered in a draw for a Kricklewood Farm gift basket:  visit Sunflower Festival Sign Up.    Signing up is optional but it helps us plan for the day. Deadline to be entered into the draw is midnight August 5th, 2017.

We would like to have everyone enjoy a beautiful field of sunflowers but mother nature has not been our side this year.  With the cold and rainy Spring the field is not blooming yet as we would like it to be.  This photo was taken July 31st and the flowers are not quite there yet unfortunately.  We book the date of the Festival in January in order to plan all of the activities but the one thing we hoped for, a beautiful field is not going to be here to see August 6th.  The field will bloom a little later in the month so for anyone wanting to see the field in full bloom, check the progress on our Kricklewood Farm Facebook Page where we will be posting photos at least once a week.

Sunflower Field July 31st.