Silver Comes to Pay the Does a Visit

Silver the Nubian Buck visits Kricklewood Farm

This handsome devil named Silver is visiting Kricklewood Farm so that we may enjoy a new batch of kids next Spring! The only problem is that none of the does seem to be interested in what he has to offer. He’s been here a few days, him and them mostly on opposite ends of the barnyard. Today I found him behind the barn alone so tried to play cupid by offering a communal feeding of hay. The does enjoyed the hay but not much else. Reece was more interested in the camera at one point and Devora spurned his advances and made her way back to the barn… Bottom line, the does are in control and unless they are ready, he doesn’t have a chance. Crossing our fingers that they get ready pretty soon as Silver has a job to do at another farm as soon as he finishes here! See more photos of his visit.