New Baby Chicks!

Emma and the New Baby Chicks at Kricklewood Farm
Emma and the New Baby Chicks at Kricklewood Farm

The Baby Chicks arrived last week and happy to say all are doing well! . The chicks came in two batches as I decided to order 10 Barred Rocks at the last minute, too late for my order from Performance Poultry  but not too late to order from Frey’s Hatchery for delivery to our local feed store.   The Barred Rocks came first so got to spend the nights indoors and once the other 36 arrived we could count on the extra body heat keeping them warm.

The first few days can be risky (make sure they know how to drink and don’t get pasty bums – thanks Lindsay for helping to keep them clean!) For now they are in their play pen and once it gets too crowded they will have the run of the nursery which is about 8 by 10 with a big window on the south side. I was hoping to have a chick-safe outdoor run ready for them but haven’t had a chance but I’ll have to rig something up so they can go outside with a place to hide if need be.

Emma was curious but her gentle self of course. She got a peek in the box this year as the goats are still not completely at ease with her.   She got up close and personal with some of them (close enough for a quick snack) but our Emma is much too sweet for that!

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