Lucky Day for Blacky

Ah, the life of a buck.  For most of the year of the year he spends his time with other bucks and gets to look at the does through the fence.  For a few weeks in the Fall he has many opportunities to be intimate with many does.  I guess you could say he gets to make up for lost time.

We don’t keep bucks and luckily our friend Judy does.  She sends one over for a few weeks in the Fall so we can breed our does.  Last year it was Silver, this year it is the buck known as Blacky (until he gets his real name).   Yesterday was his first day meeting the does he’ll be spending the next little while with.

Kricklewood Farm BlackieSee the rest of the pics in the photo album.  Be sure to pay particular attention to the last one in the series.   It shows Blacky getting himself gussied up to be more attractive for the ladies.  If anyone warns you not to pet a buck (no matter how friendly they are), this is the reason.