It’s Spring and They are Laying!

Kricklewood Farm Chicken and Duck Eggs

It’s always a sure sign that Spring is finally here when the chickens and ducks get back to regular laying.  It’s been building as the days have been getting longer and now production is pretty darn good!  The colours and shapes and sizes are always cool to see, especially the green eggs from the Ameraucanas (green eggs and ham anyone?) and the giant Muscovy duck eggs (three by the handle on the right).  The duck eggs are very rich with huge yolks and are excellent for baking.    Eggs are always available at the farm gate and we are open ‘by chance or by appointment’!

2 thoughts on “It’s Spring and They are Laying!

  1. Tim

    Hi, its Tim bridge here I got a baby duckling from yous last fall and it was posted on kijiji, iam looking for a female just one or two Muscovy ducks , the one I got from you last year is doing very well but I think she needs a friend iam in Kingston if you have any to sell please let me now thanks she is all black, let me now by phone or e mail thanks again Tim # 613-531-8910.

  2. Dale Horeczy Post author

    Hi Tim, We do have some extras so if you want, plan a trip here in the near future.

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