Introducing Shirley, Lorraine and Helga

Kricklewood Farm New Chicks

We finally got a good look at the chicks, they are just a few days old but active and I presume eating well.   The mother is protective so you don’t see them eating but bits of feed on their beaks says that they are getting fed.  I presume she taught them how to drink too so that lets some of the pressure off.  If you get day old chicks from the hatchery, they have to be shown how to drink by dunking their beaks in the water until they get the hang of it on their own.

Kricklewood Farm new chicks and mother hen

These photos were taken in less than a minute as the mother hen is
quick to puff up her body to scare me away and take them under her wing.

Kricklewood Farm New Chicks

Right after this was taken, Shirley, Lorraine and Helga all disappeared under the mother hen.  We’re hoping that they are all grow up to be hens, hence the names.  I realize that these are not common names for chickens, but there is some reasoning…however, the person after who they are named may not appreciate the honour so we’ll leave it at that to protect the innocent!