A few recent news stories about Kricklewood Farm:

“Good eats in August: Food events gear up”. Laura Robin, The Ottawa Citizen.  August 2, 2016.

“When you flipped your calendar to August, it should have had a banner: good eating! As local crops ripen and summer holidays wind down, food events gear up. The month starts in the Ottawa area with a festival in a field of half a million golden sunflowers…”.   Ottawa Citizen

“Sunflower Festival gears up for Mel’s Farm Aug. 7 at Kricklewood Farm”.  Laurie Weir, Smiths Falls Record News. July 8, 2016.

“Plans are moving along for this year’s Sunflower Festival at Kricklewood Farm near Frankville. The benefit event is a fundraiser for Mel’s Farm and All Animal Rescue.  “We’re finalizing details and plans are moving along well,” said Dale Horeczy of Kricklewood Farm.”  Smiths Falls Record News

“Found: Fabulous flavourful oils”. Laura Robin, The Ottawa Citizen.  May 31st, 2016.

“Kricklewood’s regular sunflower oil is already liquid gold: delicious, cold-pressed the old-fashioned way from seeds grown within 100 kilometres of Ottawa, and high in the kinds of omega oils that are good for you. Now its makers have gone a step further, infusing it with lemon, garlic, basil and roasted chili flavours, making the oils instant big-flavour boosters for pasta dishes and salad dressings…”  Ottawa Citizen

“Kricklewood Farm taps sunflower oil demand locally”. Darren Matte, Eastern Ontario Agri-News. November 2013.

It may not be one of the more common oils out there but for Dale Horeczy and Brad Daily at Kricklewood Farm, in Frankville just north of Brockville, sunflower oil is a specialty product that they have recently become involved with and have found early success.”  Eastern Ontario Agri-News

“Tastes Like Sunshine”. Laura Robin, The Ottawa Citizen.  August 21st, 2013.

“Once you find the correct country road south of Smiths Falls, you really don’t need a road number to find Kricklewood Farm. It’s the one with 400,000 blazing, bright yellow, sunflowers standing tall in the field. It’s also the source of Eastern Ontario’s first truly homegrown cooking oil, available just since spring, and being snapped up by local-food connoisseurs as fast as it’s being pressed and bottled.”  Ottawa Citizen

 “Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil”.  Joel Haslam, CTV Ottawa Regional Contact.  First Aired August 23rd, 2013.

“This is Kricklewood Farm, where they planted a field of sunflowers, a field of dreams so you can taste the sunshine…”  CTV Ottawa.