Here Come the Ducks!

Ducks were not in the plan, neither was a pot-bellied pig but that will be for another time.  Our neighbors have kept Muscovy Ducks as they are good for eating flies and don’t need much water.   When they had 15 ducklings to find homes for, we  volunteered to take a few.  A few ended up to be 6. 

We brought them into the coop at night so as to not disturb the social hierarchy that the chickens had already established.    The next morning the chickens were definitely taken aback and appeared to be afraid of the little yellow fluff balls.   The knew to peck chicken newcomers but what to do with these waddling, tail-wagging, flat-footed creatures?    It was a period of discovery for both species but first things first – it was time for the ducks to head for the water! 

It was a little crowded until they realized that one at a time might be better.

That seemed to work out and it was a chance for the others to hunt for bugs.

If only they could stay this small, this innocent and most of all this clean forever.  The reality may be otherwise, we’ve seen the parents and they aren’t nearly this cute. I guess we’ll see what happens soon – at this  age they grow pretty fast.