Heather has two Mommies?

Kricklewood Farm Two Hens share mothering duties

We’ve had an interesting development in the chick rearing department this season.  There is a nest box near the house that has been occupied by two hens for the past several weeks.  They had been continually jostling for space and there were never any times that they were both off the nest.   That meant we never had a chance to check what might be going on:  How many eggs were they sitting on?  Chicken or duck or both?  Any peeping to be heard from inside any eggs?  A hatching would be imminent?

Kricklewood Farm two hens share mothering duties
Late last week we had the answer when one, then another chick made their debut.  The big question was, who would take care of them.  Well, it turns out both. We’re not sure if we have little Heathers or Heaths but for now they definitely have two Mommies taking care of them.   BTW, hats off to Leslea Newman who wrote the book Heather has two Mommies way back in 1989.