Goat Milk Soap Workshops

Kricklewood Farm May-June andd Maybelle
Kricklewood Farm May-June and Maybelle

Now that all the goat babies are here and we have a regular supply of milk, we’re ready for Goat Milk Soap Workshops!  Workshops are  scheduled for Sunday June 14th,  Sunday July 5th and Sunday July 12th. with more dates to follow.

The afternoon starts at 1:00 with with a trip to the barn for a lesson in goat milking and to meet all the other animals.  (Rubber boots or old shoes are recommended.)   Anyone who would like to try milking is invited to step up and give it a try.  Be sure to bring a camera for some great photos!

Once we finish in the barn, you will learn how to create an all-natural, high quality bar of soap using goat milk, a variety of fats, lye, herbs and essential oils.  This is a hands on workshop with small groups making their own batches to take home.   Cost is $35 per person.  Sessions are limited to 12 people and run from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.   This is not appropriate for young kids due to the caustic nature of handling lye.

To sign up for a workshop, please fill out the form on our Workshops Page.