First Snowfall of the Season

We had the first significant snowfall of the season the other day.
it was going to be a whole new experience for the chickens and
ducks who were hatched earlier this year.  It didn’t go well at first.

The usual rush out the chicken door was quickly followed by what could
be described as ‘chicken brakes’ once they hit the snow.  They felt the cold
on their feet and turned around for the dry ground under the eave of the coop.

Pitou didn’t seem to mind and he proceeded to find the grains under the
snow.  So we went to plan B which was to open the big door for them.

The reaction was about the same, the situation was analyzed,
tiny wheels were turning and decisions were made not
to venture outside beyond the bare ground.

Finally the Brahma’s decided to brave the snow
with a little encouragement with some leftover pasta.

All along, Pitou  seemed unconcerned by the change in weather.
We learned quickly that the main motivation for a pig is food.

We are finally getting some eggs from the hens,
just as it is starting to get colder and turn dark earlier,
and production will slow down for the season but
it will quickly pick up in a few months.
Another reason to look forward to Spring!