Butterscotch Comes for a Visit

Butterscotch is a 2 week old Nubian Doe that was rejected by her (first time) mother so she is being bottle fed. I had her for the day when her owner had to be away and unable to feed her at noon. At first I had her in the barn and watched her squeeze out of the pen and into potential harm’s way. Then I had her in the house in a play pen for a little while but she would have nothing of that.¬† So outside I went with her to do some work in the barnyard. Luckily it was a nice sunny day so she had a chance to soak up some rays and meet Miss Piggie and some of the other farm animals. She’s not very big as you can tell when the rooster is nearby. She is a real doll, thanks Judy for letting us take care of her! Our does are expecting within the next week or two so we are looking forward to some kids of our own real soon!