Motherhood at its Finest!

One of the nest boxes has had eggs in it for about a month and the hens have been taking turns sitting on the nest.  We were giving up hope that anything would hatch but boy were we wrong!  Yesterday the first duckling was spotted, followed by another later in the day and a chick this morning.

We won’t know how many chicks and ducklings are under there until the hen leaves the nest to take them around.  Once she gets off of it, that’s her signal that nothing else will hatch or that she’s had enough of sitting.

There is a black chick in the clip too, barely visible behind her beak.  She’s teaching them to eat by showing them some good grain.

That’s Pitou coming into the coop towards the end, the duckling isn’t quite sure what to make of the grunting so she hides under Mom.