And Then There Were Six!

It’s been a busy few days around here, starting Friday morning at about 8:00 when Emily started contractions. She gave birth to a doe and buck around 10:00. She was a pro and everything went smoothly! Buddy enjoyed the leftover milk in the bottle which he snatched away while I wasn’t looking.

Avigail had a difficult delivery but in the end everything turned out ok. Two bucks and a doe. It started Friday evening but only came into labour Saturday morning about 8:00. The first one took a long time and we had a neighbour with small hands on standby to help if needed. There was almost an hour in between and then the last was ten minutes later.

The only downside is that she has mastitis and is only getting a small quantity of milk out of one side of the udder, which means bottle feeding. For now, 5 times a day including 2 am!