Ah, Winter….

The first snow day of the season is always an interesting one, especially for the animals born this past Spring and Summer.  They get to experience snow for the first time, with mixed results.  The Muscovy ducks don’t seem to mind…

The chickens on the other hand aren’t happy to have their feet touch snow.  They spend the first while up on anything to get off the ground.

The Nubian goats, the breed with origins in Africa increase the volume on their bleating, begging me to make the bad weather go away.

After a while, when  I put some grain outside, a few brave chickens venture out.

And then a few more, especially if I put down some hay over the snow.

The hay is incentive enough for the goats too.  Silver the young Nubian Buck is slowly getting used to it.

There are always hold outs who prefer to spend the day in the barn hanging out..

…or chowing down.

Hope they get used to this, winter has yet to offficially
arrive and we have a long way to go until Spring!