A Whole New World!

The chicks and Mama Hen made their debut in the chicken yard yesterday!   I think the Mama was ready as she was climbing out of the box that had been home for the past couple of weeks.   We’ve had some nights near freezing this past week so decided to wait for things to warm up.

Kricklewood Farm Mama Hen and her chicks

It was quite a sight watching them discover the outside world, never straying too far from Mama.  The other chicks and ducks were curious but she wouldn’t let them near her charges.

Kricklewood Farm Mama Hen teaching the chicks to scratch

The first job was to find them some food and show them
how to scratch for themselves.

Kricklewood Farm Mama Hen teaching her chicks

They quickly got the hang of it and gobbled down
pretty much everything they could find.

Kricklewood Farm Chicks Scrambling onto Mama

We’re not sure what caused them to get scared but they seemed
to feel more comfortable under or on top of the Mama Hen!

Kricklewood Farm Chicks and Mama Hen

We were amazed at the mothering instincts that she showed.   As it got darker she rounded them up and took them into the dog crate that we had put out for her.  The door was locked and she and the chicks spent the night in the coop with the rest of the flock.   This morning they were ready to go and start discovering their new world all over again.