A trip to the vet for Pitou the Pot-Bellied Pig

Pitou is the pot-bellied pig who came to us in an unusual  way – as is often the case with rescues and strays – he was abandoned at the Portland Fair earlier in the summer.  My friend Ed is in charge of the petting zoo and arranged for Pitou and a few other animals to be at the fair for the weekend.   At the end of the fair,  Ed was notified that the owner was moving to a new home with no space for Pitou.   I volunteered to take him if no one else did – lo and behold we now have a pot-bellied pig.  Luckily Ed has been fostering him since then and will keep him for the winter to give us a chance to get the barn fixed up. 

Since we aren’t planning on any baby Pitous the time had come for him to make a trip to the vet and have a couple of certain somethings removed.  If they aren’t removed, a male can become very pungent, with  a ‘boar’ odor so to speak and may also become aggressive. 

First things, first: get him in the crate and off to the vet.  He has free range of a small barnyard at Ed’s farm but we had no idea how difficult it would be to catch him.  I brought a large dog crate and set it in the barnyard with Ed to scope things out.   There he was, off in the distance and  curious with what was going on.  

 Once he spotted the crate, he knew we were
up to no good and would have nothing of it.

Ed tried to lure him with some of his favourite grains…

but Misty, Pitou’s sidekick, wouldn’t let him get
tricked and protected him while he ate.

About a half hour later we got him in the crate but he let us know he
wasn’t happy, inviting us to kiss his him on the posterior cheeks!

His behavior improved once he got to the vet’s office but he still wasn’t
going to cooperate by allowing the vet to put the leash around his neck. 

A few hours later I got a call that everything was fine and
Pitou was ready to come home. He looked a little
groggy and ready for all of this to be over.

He also got a new harness in the meantime,  which  may be handy in
the future if we need to catch him again.  He is actually quite
good natured and the whole process went very well.  He looks menacing
in some of the photos but actually weighs just over 50 pounds. 
He is all black except for the white stripe on his forehead. 
We’re not sure why he was called Pitou but it 
seems to suit him – I may have to work on my french…