A Red Barn

Kricklewood Farm Red BarnWe finally got the barn painted and red it is! I got to thinking, when you think of barns, red is the first colour that comes to mind so why mess with tradition! It took about 2 and half days in total. The first half day was spent on the first third of the back, the next full day got the back done. This was just me with roller and paint brush which actually went pretty well. Then we found out that friends of ours (thanks James and Marc!) have a painting business and happen to have an industrial sprayer. Once we got going with the sprayer, Barry and I got the side and front done in about 5 hours.

One thought on “A Red Barn

  1. Starfire

    Hi there:
    I think you need more white….may be then Garfield will want to live in the new barn.

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