A New Resident in the ‘Sky’ Nest Box

The Muscovy Ducks are starting to lay now that Spring has arrived as they tend to be more seasonal than the chickens when it comes to laying. I guess Spring hits and they want to raises ducklings, which is the reason for laying in the first place of course. We had this one consider laying in the sky nest box but decided to go elsewhere in the end.

We do enjoy keeping the ducks as they seem smarter than the chickens and their eyes are very expressive. You can look at them and see them thinking versus a blank stare of a chicken. Not that we don’t love our chickens too, they have their own unique personalities too.

041715_ducknestbox01 041715_ducknestbox02 041715_ducknestbox03 041715_ducknestbox04 041715_ducknestbox05