A New Home for the Chickens and Ducks

It doesn’t look like much,  but for the chickens and ducks, this is a full-fledged ‘Palais des poules’… We moved them from the original spot to this one after a few renovations: insulation, better windows, a new ‘chicken’ door,  more room to roost and a huge outdoor run.  We made sure to include all the necessities of life:

Places to eat…

…and sleep.

The ducks and chickens are getting along as bunkmates. 

Of course they need areas for recreation…

…including a high spot  to get a better view of their domain.

It’s not all fun and games though, they’re here to do a job: lay eggs. 
On the plus side, the nesting boxes have a nice view of the barnyard.

The best part of the new coop has to be the chicken door. 
When the sun is shining, be careful when you open it!

It’s a mad dash to get out and begin the day.

The morning waits for no one..

…well, almost no one.  There are always one or two stragglers
who just prefer to stay in bed a little while longer… sounds familiar?