A Brand New Barn! (Practically…)

Kricklewood Farm Barn
The After Shot
Kricklewood Farm Barn Before
The Before Shot

It’s about a year later and we’ve just finished having the boards replaced and the doors rebuilt. Last year was the footings and levelling off so that the roof was somewhat square.  We reused as much of the old hardware as we could and had the latch on the small door built to be similar to one in the house. The before photo would have been taken last Spring.   Next will be painting, adding windows and down the road some electricity and water.  Never thought I’d be so excited about a barn but who knew… click on the top photo to see a few more of the after.

One thought on “A Brand New Barn! (Practically…)

  1. angie

    Wow, you have done an amazing job saving this beautiful barn. Congratulations on such a great project.

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