2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day for a Drive!

  1. Abiy

    It was indeed a wonderful day for a drive. We got to the farm by around mid-day and met Dale, Brad and the super enthusiastic Emma (the doggy). Dale showed us to the wonderful Sunflower field and we managed to snap some great pictures there. We loved the lush greens, the bright yellows and the sound of the bees everywhere. Once done with the flowers, it was time to see the friendly goats(May-june), the ducks, chicken, and the pigs(P2). Dale and Brad were kind enough to let us in the farm yard to pet the animals. We learnt quite a few things about the animals from Dale and Brad before we left their place of peace and friendliness; for the drive back home. We’re definitely looking forward to going there next summer.

  2. Dale Horeczy Post author

    Thank you for your kind words Abiy! It was our pleasure meeting you and your family and showing you our farm!

    Dale and Brad

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